Healing Properties of Stones

To illustrate how stones work with the different chakras, you can refer to the table below. As there are a multitude of stones and crystals on this planet, this list is by no means a complete one. But it should give you an idea of which stones might help you if you have energy blockages that you can identify as being associated with the chakras.

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First Chakra - Survival, tribal issues, instinct, past life issues, family, marriage, parenting, correct behavior, society, ability to provide basic needs for living. Following rules. Doing what your family/spouse wants. Trying to fit in.  

Carnelian is thought to open your heart and bring joy. It supports one’s individuality and courage. Carnelian is thought to Fortify and strengthen the body. Carnelian has traditionally been used to help ease sorrow and protect from anger, envy jealousy and fear. In crystal healing, carnelian has been used to heal open sores, kidney stones and other kidney problems and allergies. Shamans have given this stone to assist one in finding the right mate and stabilize energy in the home.


Hematite is used to assist in grounding and calming and in manifesting Divine Light in your life. It deflects and dissolves negative energies. Hematite helps one to "sort-out" things in one's mind and can be used for mental attunement, memory enhancement, original thinking and technical knowledge It is said to attract "kind" love and acts as a stabilizing force, brings peace, self-control and inner happiness. Relives joint pain. Enhances personal magnetism. Works as a shield of protection for any person or thing. Draws out heat from feverish part of the body.


Black Obsidian is a protective stone, excellent for removing negativity in one's energy and the surrounding environment. It is also effective protection against psychic attacks, absorbing the negative energies before they can start to interact with yours. In particular it is said to protect the gentle from abuse. It stone that assists with Grounding and is very healing. It is used to assist in bringing hidden issues and emotions to the surface, where they can be dealt with.


Smokey Quartz is used to dissolve negative energies and open blocks in the Solar plexus, hands, and feet chakras. It is a protective, grounding and stabilizing stone, used to calm and center. It works gently & consistently, not quickly. Smokey Quartz is used as a mood elevator to lift depression as well as remove negative energy to make one relax and think positively. It is believed to bring happiness and good luck and help make dreams and wishes come true! It’s also been used to tap into unconscious and higher wisdom.

Second Chakra - Power, creativity, sexual issues, blame, control, passion, ethics, money, greed, feelings of repression or wrongness in sexual matters. Relationship issues. Birthing new ideas.  


Amber is excellent for inner child work and past life work. Amber is a soothing stone that is both calming, yet energizing. It is said to bring clarity of thought and wisdom. Often used to draw out negative energy to cleanse an environment. It has long been considered as a good luck charm for marriage. It is also good for psychic shielding and protection. It is used to aid bone problems, heart problems, circulation, ears, hearing problems, and endocrine imbalances.


Bloodstone has long been called the ‘stone of courage.’ It is often used for emotional healing, purification, good fortune and renewal, especially to all kinds of relationships. It is also used to aid in working through grief and traumas. People have often kept bloodstone in any area thought to need a continuous cleansing of the energy as it is said to ease energy flows. Bloodstone is excellent for balance and grounding and has been used to bring energy to the user. It has also traditionally been given to people after surgery and after any kind of trauma.


Orange calcite is used as an aid to restore mental and emotional equilibriumand can give a gentle boost to psychic abilities and intuition. Orange calcite can relieve fear and depression and well as the associated feelings that go with intense trauma, such as accidents, rape, divorce. etc. It has been used to calm suicidal thoughts. It is thought to be particularly helpful with phobias. Physically, orange calcite is thought to be helpful for chronic fatigue, the reproductive system, genitals, intestines, irritable bowel syndrome, kidneys and bone growth.


Tiger Iron combines the properties of Hematite, Golden Tiger Eye and Red Jasper. It is used during creative and artistic endeavors. It is known as a stone of balance. It is used in Crystal Healing to help maintain the balance of the white and red blood cells and strengthen the muscles. It is also thought to increase the presence of the body’s natural anti-inflammatory chemicals. Assists one in manifesting dreams and ideas without hesitation or procrastination.

Third Chakra - Responsibility issues, caring for others, trust, fear, guilt, career, personal honor, victimization feelings, and courage. Self- respect, sensitivity to criticism, self-worth and confidence.  


Citrine is called a Stone of manifestation and success.  Citrine is said to be beneficial for business and commerce. It’s been known to bring good fortune and happiness, - sometimes in very unexpected ways!  It has been used to promote success and abundance for countless generations. Citrine is said to enhance confidence and mental clarity. It is also used for letting go of outmoded beliefs, fears, thoughts and desires that do not serve us.


Mookaite – Helps with major life changes and ‘storms’ in one’s life. Balances male and female energies. Assists with conflict, standing up for self, and setting boundaries without negating the other person or making them an enemy. It heals the inner child, promotes an appreciation of the diversity and wonder of life, and allows one to see the positive benefits of learning from any situation.


Golden Tiger Eye is used for protection, especially during travel. It is thought to enhance good luck, and brings prosperity, often in the form of money. It’s also used for balance and grounding - and letting go of judgments. It aids integrity, willpower, practicality and encourages the correct use of power. Golden Tiger’s Eye is a powerful stone and boosts one’s personal power.


Labradorite is considered to be a stone of transformation. It has been used extensively to work with nature spirits. It is said to aid in the recall of mystical, magical experiences and to increase one's intuition and aid in psychic development. It discourages others from tapping into your energy and draining you. It is widely thought to provide clarity and insight into your destiny, as well as being able to attract success to you.

Fourth Chakra - Love, happiness, sadness, anger, hatred, prejudism, loneliness, hopes and  desires, wants, grief, resentments, commitment, trust in your close interpersonal relationships. Forgiveness, compassion, choices in love.  

Moonstone Associated with the development of psychic sensitivity, love and happy times. Opens up psychic potential, second sight, psychometry, aura reading, uses in regressions. Relieves discomfort of cramps, helps female problems, aids in the birthing process. Moon stone helps to soothe and balance the emotions. Moonstone represents the great Mother Goddess. A stone of wishes, intuition, and balance.


Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. Wonderful for promoting acceptance, and raising self-esteem. Rose quartz opens the heart to all forms of love: self-love, family love, platonic love, and romantic love. Rose quartz has excellent protection energies during pregnancy and childbirth. The elevated energy of quartz gives rose quartz a property of enhancing love in virtually any situation. It also brings gentleness, forgiveness, and tolerance.


Rhodonite is said to assist in using ones talents for the good of others. It supports self-love and acceptance, as therefore, self-healing. Helps integrate physical with spiritual, calm assurance. Stimulates, activates and clears the heart chakra, dispels anxiety and helps one fulfill their greatest potential. Promotes brotherhood and sisterhood of mankind. It is thought to help one reach their full potential and teaches the bearer to see both sides of every issue.

  Turquoise is a stone of wholeness and the unity of all creation. It is known as a stone of vision, integration and clarity. Turquoise is sacred in both the Native American and Eastern/Oriental cultures. It is called the “Sky Stone,” uniting the Heavens and the Earth. It is very powerful for grounding and protection, and is reputed to change colors when danger is near the wearer. Turquoise enhances the mind-heart connection and is thought to be a stone of great luck and abundance. In Crystal Healing, Turquoise is use to speed the healing processes, therefore is considered a Master Healing stone
Fifth Chakra - Communication  expressing yourself, telling truth, following your dreams and being true to yourself. Addictions, habits, judgment, faith, making decisions, knowing and being yourself, criticism, will power, doing what you said you would do.  

Blue Lace Agate is used to induce high states of consciousness. Its color echoes the sky, bringing a sense of peace and calm. It is great for communication. In Crystal Healing it is also used to strengthen bones and help arthritis. Agate is well known for balancing the subtle energies. It is thought to enhance creativity and is used by student and artists. It’s said to increase energy in bursts, and so may be used when a big ‘push’ is needed. Enhances sleep quality and eases feelings of anxiety.


Angelite is a stone used to connect with the Angelic realm, including angels, guides, otherworldly beings, and even your higher self. It is thought to bring serenity, inner peace, and a sense of calm and encourage forgiveness. Angelite is useful for enhancing telepathic communication, intuition and psychic awareness. Angelite is also one of the light-blue stones associated with the healing of anger. It balances polarity, aligns the physical and etheric bodies, and provides a protective field as you do so.


Blue calcite is a very calming and soothing stone. It has been used extensively for reducing stress. It increases the available energy to the throat chakra. This makes it a great amplifier of thoughts and is very beneficial for all kinds of communication and decision making. It has been used to aid in public speaking, as well as in talking with someone intimidating or in authority, because it calms upset nerves and helps one to state their opinions clearly and calmly. 


Sodalite is the stone of truth, logic, rational thinking and efficiency. It stimulates thought and aids in all communication. Sodalite is said to speak to one about their life's journey, aids in learning to ‘be in the present. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and can be useful in stopping arguments preventing over sensitivity and connecting “the heart with the head.” Can help one get over colds and flus.

Sixth Chakra - Truth, knowledge, intellect, intuitive powers, learning from experience, feeling inadequate, inner wisdom, knowing yourself and self evaluation, open-mindedness, accepting yourself and others. Listening and seeing openly.  

Amethyst is a stabilizing energy, thought to assist in learning to trust your connection to the Divine and acknowledge the Guidance received. It also supports and assists in stopping self abuse. It brings calm, inner peace, courage and balance. It has been used to protect against psychic attacks. Amethyst is used as protection for travelers. Amethyst is associated with Angels and is an excellent stone for meditation or dream work, past life work. Enhances the dream state.


Azurite eases feelings of anxiety and worry.  It is called the “stone of heaven.” It aids in developing psychic awareness, psychic skills and abilities, enhances intuition, and is said to guide you to be accurate in depicting psychic experiences. It is also an excellent stone for meditation, allowing you to enter a meditative state easily. It can enhance prophesy and divination. Azurite is most closely related to the third eye chakra, and can balance, stimulate, and empower it.


Lapis Lazuli is a powerful stone that aids in comprehension, manifestations and insight into self.  Lapis is a stone of spiritual love and is also known for aiding love and fidelity within a marriage. It is a stone traditionally reserved for royalty. It was known to assist one in saying the perfect thing, at the perfect time: just open your mouth and pearls of wisdom drop out!  Lapis protects from psychic attacks and is useful in crystal healing for boosting the immune system and helping with sinus problems. Helps develop psychic abilities and aids in communication with higher self and spirit guides. Lapis lazuli allows us to tap our own inner power while purifying the soul and the thoughts. Helps us contact our spirit guardians. 


Lepidolite Used as aid to in relaxation. Lepidolite is also known as a transition stone and helps one to recognize old patterns within one’s self that need to be acknowledged and attended to. It can aid in that process inducing those changes in the old patterns with a gentle and loving energy. Lepidolite can help treat tight shoulder muscles and relief from stress related disorders including digestion problems and stabilization of the nerves. It also works well with a grounding stone or stone like apache tear or black tourmaline to help keep negative emotions away from you.

Seventh Chakra - Spirituality, devotion to spiritual and personal matters. Unconditional love to self, the earth, and to others. Empathy, humanitarism, selflessness, values, and ethics. Ability to go with the flow of life and to see the larger picture, inspiration without wants. The Higher Self. .  

Celestite (also known as Celestine) is an angelic stone. It is said to promote harmony, peace and love. It is used to communicate and connect to the angelic vibrations, as well as assist in communication with one’s own guardian angel. Celestite is used in meditation, to reach a deeper level and to move through and past fear and worry. It is used to enhance creativity and comprehension, and is therefore good when faced with a problem that needs solving.


Charoite is called a Stone of Transformation. It is a very powerful stone, transforming and releasing negative emotions such as fear, anger and feelings of victimization into courage, insight, creativity and assertiveness. People who wish to be of service to humanity are drawn to this stone as it aids in the acceptance of others. It is a creative vibration, and the stone has been used to help lengthen the attention span. Psychically it is used for clairvoyance, precognition and also to remove or release entities.


Fluorite is calming and peaceful, helping to cultivate and support the self-discipline necessary to achieve a meditative state. It is useful in getting your thoughts in order, aids in emotional detachment in a situation. It is thought to amplify analytical abilities. An aid in meditation because it affects the conscious mind, calming and soothing strong emotions and quieting thoughts. It aids in relieving depression or anger. Fluorite is a protective stone. Raises IQ to the highest capacity.


Selenite is a very calming and soothing energy. It's said to be the "Stone of mental clarity", enhancing mental flexibility and strengthening the ability to make good decisions. You can access information from past lives using the energy of a Selenite wand. It is said to remove energy blocks from the physical and etheric bodies. It helps to connect the physical and etheric or ‘light’ bodies. It has been used by Healers to align the spine and is thought to be good for the skeleton and spine.

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